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POPOVSKI is a bridal label that offers both bespoke couture and made to order designs. All pieces are designed and made right here in Melbourne.





The bespoke couture journey is an exciting one. Our relaxed and organic approach means you can enjoy the process of designing your special piece, and watch it grow and take shape one step at a time. We work closely with you throughout the entire journey and will guide and assist to ensure your vision comes to life.


This is the perfect option for the bride that knows she wants something truly one of a kind.


Whilst we love the collaborative process of custom designs, we also understand this isn't always the best option for every bride. For this reason we wanted to create a made to order collection that still allowed for elements of that collaboration.

Inspired by strong independent women, our made to order collections are designed to empower brides, allowing each individual personality to shine.

Our range of gowns and separates gives the relaxed, modern bride the foundations to create her own unique look.

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